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Get Moving: A Two-Part Solution For Pain

If you’re like a lot of working professionals – you spend most of your time sitting. From commuting to work to extended stays in the office – many of us go for long periods without moving our bodies.

Over time, a sedentary lifestyle can result in something more serious: pain. Muscle groups in our core, back, and pelvis are designed to provide stability and balance – but when they are left unused, we lose their valuable function.

Pain Problems?

It’s a harsh reality: too many Americans suffer from pain – a problem that limits mobility, making it hard to live a truly healthy lifestyle. Even worse, lifestyle-related pain can limit your ability to perform household chores and tasks. Lifting the laundry basket can be a painful ordeal!

To reclaim your strength, you need a two-pronged plan of attack. With the guidance of professionals, a routine of pelvic therapy and physical training can be a highly effective tool in the war against debilitating pain.

A Pelvic Solution

Somewhat surprisingly, the pelvis has a big role to play in overall mobility levels. Far from being just a connecting point between the lower body and torso, the pelvis is home to muscles and tissues that aid in stability, endurance, and balance.

What’s more, the pelvis is also tied to numerous other common health issues like incontinence, lower back pain, and bowel complications. Truly the center of the body, the pelvis is a critical component of overall health.

Using a variety of physical therapy techniques like manual massage and deep stretching, a pelvic health expert like Meenal Mujumdar can help. Using the latest technology, Meenal and her professional staff can even apply electronic stimulation to the pelvis – allowing muscles and tissues to relax and rebuild.

Functional Health

The second tool in your arsenal against pain? Exercise with functionality in mind.

Employing a range of integrative movements, you can beat out pain and fatigue. With a special focus on client functionality, Jesse Snyder is well versed in all thing fitness, recovery, and flexibility.

Do you feel an all-too familiar pain when bending down or performing household tasks? Why not practice at the gym! The secret behind Jesse’s unique and highly effective approach to PT lies in duplicating common movements. Squats done with Jesse just might be the first step towards getting back to your old self.

Trust The Experts

If you’ve been struggling with pain, stiffness, or just aren’t feeling as fit as you once where – it might be a perfect time to reach out for help.

Employed together, the dynamic approach to the pelvis and general physical training found at Meenal Mujumdar Physical Therapy and with Jesse Snyder can restore function and eliminate pain.

Your body is a marvel. Give it the attention it deserves. To schedule your consultation, contact Meenal Mujumdar or Jesse Snyder today!


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