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ACMEE Pelvic Wellness Celebrates Two Years!

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

For Meenal Mujumdar, the pelvis always seemed strangely important. Though not commonly the focus of specific medical attention, the pelvis, Meenal though, was key.

After graduating with a Physical Therapy degree from The University of Pune in 2003, Meenal made it her mission to obtain positive health outcomes for individuals through one specific region of the body: the pelvis. ACMEE Pelvic Wellness was born.

Now, Meenal’s unique medical service has just celebrated two years of helping patients reclaim their pelvic health. Using an integrative approach including methods of massage, stretching, electronic simulation, and strength training (just to name a few), ACMEE Pelvic wellness has begun to dramatically improve the health of patients.

Using a combination of electronic technology and traditional physical methods, Meenal and her team specialize in individualized attention and convenience. All sessions and wellness plans are begun by a careful look at each patient’s medical history and health goals to determine if pelvic physical therapy is right for them.

Meenal’s unique approach to abdominal strength and pelvic wellness has proven high beneficial for those suffering from gynecological problems such as pelvic organ prolapses, incontinence, and chronic pelvic pain. In addition, the comprehensive plan of pelvic wellness found at ACMEE has become popular with individuals suffering from general pelvic pain, including athletes, motorcycle riders, and horseback riders.

Meenal Mujumdar and the entire staff of ACMEE Pelvic Wellness are eager to work with all patients to develop a personalized health plan. Consider scheduling a consultation to discover how a holistic approach to pelvic wellness can improve your health and, most importantly, quality of life.

About ACMEE Pelvic Wellness

Founded by pelvic health expert Meenal Mujumdar, ACMEE Pelvic Wellness is the Bay Area’s premier pelvic and abdominal health center. With the belief that the pelvis and abdominal muscles do much to strengthen and balance the human body, ACMEE understands the importance of pelvic health. Form therapies geared toward athletes or persons recovering from illness, ACMEE offers a path of pelvic health that can be custom tailored to suit specific health needs.

Meenal and her expert team of health professionals are eager to improve the lives of all ACMEE patients. With top of the line technology, equipment, and the most current training certifications, the entire staff at ACMEE is committed to better health with a “touch of care.”


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