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Do you take insurance?


We are soon getting contracted with Cigna and Medicare. All other insurance we bill as an out-of-network provider.


How does out-of-network coverage work?


There is an upfront cost the patient has to pay. As a courtesy we bill your insurance company. Depending on your coverage, you might get reimbursed from your insurance company for part of the cost. 


How do I find out if my treatment is covered? 


Call the 1-800 # for customer service on the back of your insurance card. 


Tell the customer service agent you are seeing an out of network provider for physical therapy (rehab benefits). If your doctor has referred you, tell the customer service this information.


Do I need a doctor’s prescription to see you?


No. California allows direct access to physical therapy without doctor’s orders.

Can I use an FSA/HSA card? 

Yes - you can use this type of card if it functions like a credit card. 

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